Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are the current Trustees of the Chapel?

A. Susan Buckley (nee Bedford) and her sister and her husband who no longer live in the locality). They are advised by Jim Buckley, Susan’s brother in law.

Q. Why save the Chapel?

A. The Chapel is a Grade 2 listed building built in 1840 and is an integral part of the history and heritage of the village. It has a great location being accessible by foot by most inhabitants and this would Result in less impact environmentally.  As a community centre together with the village store it would provide a new focus for village life.

Q. How much is it on the market for? And do the Trustees have to accept the highest offer?

A. Currently listed for offers over £100,000 However we do not believe that the Trustees must take the highest offer. During discussions we had been hopeful that their support of the community elements might allow them to consider a “reasonable” offer. 

Q. Has there been any interest?

A. We have not been told but we are aware of some initial interest. There is bound to be some interest from private developers but there are a number of factors such as the listing by English Heritage, the graves on the site, need for planning permission and restrictions to changing listed buildings that we hope will deter most. It’s also not very attractive as an option for private dwellings. We recognise that if someone has money and determination these can all be overcome. 

Q. How are we looking to raise the money.

A. There are a range of options however it is likely that we will be under time pressure to raise the acquisition cost and an amount to cover initial urgent repairs. 

We are aiming to set up a company limited by guarantee to allow us access to grant and loan funding with a view in the longer term to hold the property for the benefit of the whole community and to ensure the community has a proper say in its future. A community share offer is also being considered. 

We are looking at potential ideas for crowdfunding, straight donations, sponsorship, grants and possible loans. This is a difficult area but once we have acquired the building we are confident that many local tradesmen, businesses and individuals will donate skills, and resources to minimise the need to raise major sums of money once the project is established. 

NB anyone with contacts or ideas. Your ideas and help are needed. 

Q. Why don’t we use the Derby and Joan Club?

A. The D&J club is a registered charity in its own right whose objects are to support the general good of the older population of Clayton West. Their aim is to promote social interaction through meetings, Quizzes and outings. Given the restrictions and lack of wider community access and control it is not considered a viable short term alternative. It also misses the opportunity of saving the Chapel building and accessing the outside space for meetings and activities. 

Q. If the Gofund me money is not used what will happen to it.

A. Undertaking any project like this proposal inevitably incurs costs and any monies received now will be used initially for fees and promotion costs. This is currently being funded by individuals within the Group who are donating substantial time and resources of their own. However monies not used will be returned Where possible if the project does not go ahead. If this is difficult anyone donating will be approached individually.

Q. Is planning permission required to change to residential use

A. Local Councilor, Will Simpson confirmed that permission will be required. This may also apply to us but this needs to be confirmed. 

Q. Is there an existing covenant?

A. Yes, to remain as a Baptist Chapel, however we understand this falls away once the Trustees sell the property. 

Q. Have the Parish Council been approached?

A. Not at this stage however all three Denby Dale Councillors have confirmed their support in principle and agreed to help where they can. NB since the meeting we understand that the Parish Council have been advised. 

Q. What are the timescales for purchase. 

A. We really don’t know. Until we can raise money to make an offer we are vulnerable to another offer. We would hope that we would be given time to raise funds but there is no guarantee. 

Q. What are you doing to understand the cost of repairs.

A. Currently we are getting indicative quotes for those major elements we are aware of. If the project proceeds multiple competitive quotes will be obtained. We intend to use local suppliers where this is possible and cost effective for the project.

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